Harbour icebreaker S/S Turso

Harbour icebreaker Turso returned to its home port after 66 years. S/S Turso’s construction was completed in 1944, it was lost to Soviet Union as part of war reparations already in 1945. The vessel returned to Finland in 2004, and the renovation work is now ready.

The only remaining Finnish vessel handed over to the Soviet Union as part of war reparation, the harbor icebreaker S/S Turso has a prestigious and unique history. The vessel was commissioned by the city of Helsinki and its construction was completed during the war years at the Wärtsilä Shipyard in Helsinki, Finland, and was designed by the legendary designer of icebreakers, K. Albin Johansson as chief designer.

It’s wonderful that the vessel found by chance was finally gotten back to Finland with the help of Minister Aatos Erkko. The renovation and reconstruction work has been rather challenging, Work has continued almost constantly ever since the summer 2005, which has been made possible by the financial aid of many supporters.

The reconstruction is carried out as diligently as possible to ensure the future of the vessel as a mobile museum and as the flagship of the fine Finnish steam fleet.Turso will participate in various naval events in Finnish coastal towns and it will be used as a training vessel for the youth.

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Turso’s historical background can be found in the PDF document.